White paper: Advantages of Pseudo-Omni Antennas for C-Ran / Densification Applications


This paper will examine the advantages of the Pseudo-Omni antennas used in deployment of modern, wireless, infrastructure systems, by reviewing the challenges facing the wireless operators today, a review of key performance characteristics of the modern wireless infrastructure antennas, why omnidirectional antennas are key to ongoing wireless deployment and densification, and how the advantages of the Pseudo-Omni antennas provide an attractive solution to wireless carriers seeking to meet the deployment challenges of today and the future. The macro RAN will be densified by the undergirding of the new micro RAN (40 feet and lower) and pico RAN (“street level”) which bring access points (AP’s) closer with lower power, increased bandwidth, and lower latency, where antenna choice is critical to success.



The need for ubiquitous wireless coverage, along with gigabit speeds, is driving a new wave of wireless infrastructure deployments. Generically referred to as small cell, C-RAN (Cloud-Radio Access Network), D-RAN (Distributed-Radio Access Network) or distributed node deployments, the common goal of these infrastructure deployments is to provide cloud based network improvements available in 4G Advanced and developing 5G standards such as network “breathing” (redeployment of radio assets where needed), faster data speeds, applications slicing for IOT/Autonomous Vehicles (amongst others), and lower data latency. A key method of enabling these enhancements, is through network densification.  Continues...  (To read on, please download the 17-page downloadable PDF Whitepaper by Brian L. Wixon, Director, Product Line Management, Infrastructure Products, Galtronics Inc.)



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White paper: Advantages of Pseudo-Omni Antennas for C-Ran / Densification Applications


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