Stamping and Die Making

Precision stamping and die making is critical to the success of any device and our production teams take it very seriously. The Galtronics in-house stamping capabilities are second to none and have the resources to cater or all of our client requirements whether it’s cosmetically-perfect parts that must be produced with the highest degree of accuracy or something much simpler. Galtronics assures the highest precision quality and the shortest time to market.

Galtronics has 40 years of experience in this field and a proven reputation for successfully developing the most difficult, complex and custom stampings. We will find a solution that is highly effective.

Key Technology Includes:

  • Micron stamping machines: 45T | 60T | 80T
  • AIDA stamping machines: 80T
  • Ultrasonic washing line

Galtronics’ engineering teams have developed and designed solutions for some of the world’s largest OEMs and have proven that dedication and innovation will ultimately deliver the best results.

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