Mold Making and Plastic Injection

Galtronics provides precision plastic parts made to the highest degree of accuracy using a wide range of special processes and the latest plastic injection equipment.


Galtronics will meet your product demands for special processes including inserting over-molding or alternatively upgrading a mold that needs to be retrofitted.

Galtronics will develop accurate molds and utilize the latest plastic injection equipment to produce superior quality products and components at competitive prices.

Key Benefits

  • Vast experience in mold making design
  • Accuracy to within 0.01m
  • Meeting the highest cosmetic requirements
  • High capacity plastic injection capabilities – 60 ton machines

Key Technologies

  • Vertical Injection Machines: 50 | 75 | 90 tons
  • Horizontal Injection Machines: 60 | 90 | 120 | 160 tons
Design and Manufacture
Mold Making and Plastic Injection
Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
Process Engineering
Prototype and Turnkey Capabilities
Stamping and Die Making
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