Galtronics’ Firsts

A Timeline of Antenna Innovation

Galtronics was founded in 1978 in Tiberias, Israel by Mr. Ken Crowell. The company started making antennas for Motorola two way radios and rapidly improving manufacturing technologies. Later, in collaboration with early industry leaders, Galtronics invented the first cellular antennas for mass production — the beginning of a tradition of "antenna innovation" for which we've become well known.

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Here is a timeline of innovation including many of the antenna “firsts” created by Galtronics since the late 1970’s:


  • 1978-First Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio


  • 1983- Motorola DynaTAC
  • 1987-First Nokia Talkman 900
  • 1988-Motorola GP88


  • 1992-Nokia 1011
  • 1996-First Retractable antenna with Motorola’s Star TAC
City With Wifi


  • 2000-Qualcomm QCP-270
  • 2002-Motorola Fred
  • 2002-Elster 2261 ABB WAH Meter
  • 2003-Hyundai H-150
  • 2005-Motorola v710
  • 2006-Cisco Linksys WRT610N Router
  • 2006-Samsung E250
  • 2009-Motorola MiniMach 4272


  • 2010-Samsung Galaxy 1
  • 2011-Samsung Galaxy 2
  • 2012-PEAR Mimo Antenna
  • 2012-Cisco Linksys e4200 Router
  • 2012-Samsung Galaxy 3
  • 2012-Spider Cloud Small Cell
  • 2013-Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 2013-LMP Multi-Wide-Band Antenna
  • 2014-EXTENT Small Cell Antenna
  • 2014-PEAR Ultra Flat In-Building Antenna
  • 2014-EXTENT 30/30 Narrow Beam MIMO Panel Antenna
  • 2015-EXTENT 60/60 Low Band and 30/60 High Band Narrow Beam Directional Antennas
  • 2015-Galaxy S6
  • 2016-Galaxy S7
  • 2017-Galaxy S8
  • 2017-Galaxy Note 8
  • 2017-EXTENT P6480

Continual Innovation and Mutual Success

Galtronics solves the most complex wireless connectivity challenges. In our more than 40-year history, we have yet to encounter a connectivity problem or challenge we couldn’t solve.

The Galtronics team delivers groundbreaking results through inventively combining the latest technologies to enhance wireless connectivity today and well into the future. We accelerate innovation and time to market, exceeding customer expectations. Most importantly, we have the ability to work with service providers in finding unique solutions to their problems in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way.

With both design and manufacturing excellence, Galtronics is the world leader in wireless connectivity solutions with more than 80 engineers including multiple PhDs and more than 80 patents, who shipped +2 billion antennas.

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