With a solid 40+ year reputation, Galtronics is an established leader in the design, testing, and performance of wireless systems.

The relationships cultivated during the design and testing process provide a tremendous level of trust for Galtronics’ customers. The additional bonus of Galtronics providing its own in-house, efficient manufacturing capabilities make this an exceptional turnkey solution.

Set Top Boxes and Routers

Galtronics proudly works with their clients to design custom antenna solutions that fit their particular design constraints. The professional sales team together with the talented R&D team collaborate closely with clients to deliver optimum solutions.


Galtronics has an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing internal and embedded antennas, swivel telescopic antennas, and external dipole antennas that are low-profile, high-performance, and cost-effective for a wide range of telematics and tracking device.


Land Mobile Products

Galtronics origins are rooted in the development of Land Mobile Product antennas starting as early as 1978. Galtronics provides high performance antennas that meet the most stringent requirements in the industry. Please view our Galtronics LMR Antenna Catalogue.

Request for Quote

Galtronics builds customized solutions, perfect for large ODM’s to use with their own products where wireless performance must meet demanding requirements. Galtronics is one of the few antenna suppliers who work directly with chipset vendors. Tell us about your project.

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