Divide and Conquer your Capacity with Galtronics New Multibeam Antenna Line

More beams, more capacity

Beam stability across frequency bands

Protect your asset with external ruggedized design

Three new products added to our existing portfolio

  • GP6436-07695

    7695 Dual-Band 3/6 Multibeam 4×4 Antenna [698-896 & 1695-2690 MHz]

  • GP3324-07769

    7769 C-Band 6-Beam 4×4 Antenna [3300-4000 MHz]

  • GP6548-07642

    7642 Dual-Band 6/6 Multibeam 4×4 Antenna [1695-2690/3300-4000 MHz]

  • GP5124-07276

    7276 6-Beam, 24-Port 4×4 MIMO Multibeam Antenna [1695-2690 MHz]

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