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EXTENT™ P6480i

10” x 24” Outdoor Pseudo Omni Canister Antenna [1695-2400, 3550-3700 and 5150-5950 MHz]


  • Pseudo Omni Canister Antenna for Outdoor DAS and Small Cells.
  • 4x ports for AWS/WCS Band 1695-2400 MHz
  • 4x ports for CBRS Band 3550-3700 MHz
  • 2x ports for UNII Band 5150-5950 MHz
End of Life Announcement | EOL Number: GT6480EOL

March 31, 2018

Last Time Buy:
June 30, 2018
Last Time Shipments:
December 30, 2018
Last Time To Repair:
December 30, 2019   

Download Galtronics End of Life Notice

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