• MK-07515


    HyperFlat™ DAS Antennas Hard Ceiling Mount Kit

  • MK-07470


    MIMO HyperFlat™ DAS Antenna Reflector Kit

  • MK-07458


    SISO HyperFlat™ DAS Antenna Reflector Kit

  • GI1202-07362


    7362 Small Form Factor Wideband MIMO Antenna [617-960, 1695-2690, 3300-4200 MHz]

  • GI0801-07361


    7361 Small Form Factor Wideband SISO Antenna [617-960, 1695-2690, 3300-4200 MHz]

Galtronics offers custom and off-the-shelf antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world’s leading wireless device OEMs and network carriers.

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