High Performance Multibeam Antennas

 April 22, 2021 – Tempe, Arizona USA: Galtronics USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Baylin Technologies (TSX:BYL) is pleased to introduce a new series of Next Generation Multibeam Directional Panel Antennas for 4G and 5G systems. 

The Galtronics high gain multibeam antennas GP5124-07276, and GP5124-07277 both offer 6 beams (24 ports total) of capability, each beam containing 4×4 MIMO port clusters to support all major global wireless bands within 1695-2360 MHz (7277) and 1695-2690 MHz (7276), and are intended for Stadium/Venue/Special Events and Base Station Antenna applications. 

Galtronics patent pending beam stabilizing technology has overcome the legacy beam squint issue which has been a prevelant issue with traditional multibeam panel products of the past. For example, it would not be uncommon to see 10 degrees (or more) of azimuth beam location difference between uplink and downlink frequencies, typical of a FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) system. This creates up to 15 dB of gain mismatch between uplink and downlink which would significantly degrade coverage and capacity. Galtronics multibeam antennas have exactly the same beam locations in uplink and downlink. At the same time, Galtronics has included market leading features such as higher return loss, port to port isolation, and patent pending mechnical robustness features. 

Already successfully deployed at one of busiest airports in the US by a Tier 1 carrier, the new Galtronics multibeam antennas offer tight intrabeam beam control of 10° horizontal and 13.5° vertical (-3 dB) average, while also offering 15.5 dB minimum return loss (up to 18.5 dB minimum in select sub-bands), higher Interbeam (co-pol) isolation compared to traditional panels of 14.5 dB minimum (up to 22 dB minimum in select sub-bands), with intrabeam isolation (within 4×4 beam cluster) of 27 dB minimum (up to 30 dB minimum in select sub-bands). Like all Galtronics products, passive intermodulation is 100% measured, specified at -153dBc maximum in all operating sub-bands. 

Recognizing that many multibeam antennas are deployed for limited timeframes at concerts or special/seasonal events, Galtronics has designed patent pending robustness features into these multibeam antennas to prevent damage during repetitive handling, and a heavy-duty transit case is provided to prevent damage during transport from one deployment to the next. 

The  Galtronics multibeam antennas are also price competitive with traditional multibeam panels. The narrower band model GP5124-07277 is available now, lead time of stock to 8 weeks. The wider band GP5124-07276 model will be available for shipment by the end of Q2 2021. 

For further information contact Whit Martin, Vice President of Sales, Wireless Infrastructure at whit.martin@galtronics.com. 

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