Industry Leading Structural Monitoring Tech Company Signs Strategic Manufacturing Partnership

Greenville SC – April 25 2023.

Artemis Structural Intelligence, a Greenville, South Carolina based provider of advanced structural health monitoring technologies for critical infrastructure including mines, tunnels, buildings, roads, bridges, industrial machinery, public transport and aeronautics and space, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Galtronics, a global supplier of antenna products and solutions, to deliver innovative structural monitoring solutions.

Galtronics will be the manufacturing partner for Artemis Structural Intelligence’s advanced structural monitoring systems. The collaboration will leverage Galtronics’ expertise in engineering and manufacturing wireless systems to enhance the performance and reliability of Artemis’ structural monitoring technologies and streamline its production.

“On our path to becoming the world’s leading repository of infrastructure data, partnering with Galtronics to bring our advanced structural monitoring solutions to new markets and customers, particularly in the United States” said Darren Foster, CEO of Artemis Structural Intelligence. “With Galtronics’ engineering and manufacturing capabilities we are confident we will deliver innovative solutions that help our customers ensure the safety and reliability of their critical infrastructure.” Galtronics’ has a proven track record of delivering high-quality wireless RF products and connectivity solutions within telecommunications, home networking and IoT ecosystems.

The partnership between Artemis Structural Intelligence and Galtronics represents an important step forward in the development of advanced structural monitoring solutions. With their combined expertise and capabilities, the two companies are well positioned to deliver innovative products and services to address the increasing risks posed by aging infrastructure.

About Artemis Structural Intelligence Inc

Artemis is a Structural Intelligence data company. Our vision is to become the world’s largest aggregator of structural integrity data. Our Structural Health Monitoring solutions provide critical data to increase decision accuracy that help make assets and infrastructure safer. We are transforming structural analysis and monitoring, powered by proprietary technology, and leveraged in a highly professional and collaborative ecosystem.

About Galtronics

Galtronics solves the world’s most complex connectivity challenges with its custom wireless antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for leading global wireless service providers and device OEMs. Galtronics continues to advance wireless connectivity by innovating across its DAS, Small Cell, and Macro Antenna, Home Networking, and Mobile device antenna product and solution offerings

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