2’ Peanut Shape (Pseudo Omni) 10-Port Canister Antenna [1695-2690, 3400-3800 and 5150-5925 MHz]


  • Pseudo Omni Canister Antenna for Outdoor DAS and Small Cells.
  • 4x ports for AWS/PCS/WCS/BRS Band 1695-2690 MHz
  • 4x ports for CBRS Band 3400-3800 MHz
  • 2x ports for U-NII Band 5150-5925 MHz*
  • Peanut shape pattern for street/highway coverage


*Compliant to 789033 D02 General U-NII Test Procedures New Rules v01r04: The antenna meets current U-NII-1 requirements for gain and upper side-lobe performance. Guidelines for Compliance Testing of Unlicensed National Information


Support and Specifications

More Information

Pattern or iBwave vex files can be provided upon request. Contact customer support.


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