Galtronics’ Innovative Multibeam Technology Performs Better than Large OEM’s 64T64R Integrated Massive MIMO 5G Products in Dense Traffic

Tempe, Arizona – September 27, 2023 Galtronics, the company that combines collaboration with technology innovation to solve the world’s most complex wireless connectivity challenges, has been investing in unique patented innovations for multibeam technology for several years. This investment has culminated with approvals and deployments from eight tier-one wireless carriers in the US, Canada, and across Europe.

As 5G has evolved, Massive MIMO (M-MIMO) 64T64R and 32T32R integrated antennas from large OEMs has been the preferred deployment method worldwide. Like any technology, these M-MIMO products have unique capabilities and limitations. 

Multiple tier-one carriers have deployed Galtronics’ multibeam technology in fixed-site macro locations and in support of large events, resulting in performance feedback on its multibeam antennas in comparison to large OEM 64T64R integrated M-MIMO products in dense customer traffic environments. 

The results exceeded expectations and proved why wireless carriers have started using multibeam antennas in more fixed site use cases. All technologies have limitations and capacity constraints. In particular, 64T64R M-MIMO antennas performance degrades almost linearly with increased users in dense traffic environments. Galtronics’ patented multibeam antennas do not experience the same degradation, resulting in high capacity, quality downlink speeds during peak traffic, and an overall improved end-user experience. 

Whit Martin, VP of Wireless Infrastructure Sales for Galtronics, said, “The results speak to the advantages a Galtronics multibeam has over an integrated antenna in dense traffic environments. All spectrum has limitations, and our multibeam antennas are more effective in letting carriers deliver the performance their customers have come to expect across multiple customer use cases.”

Galtronics CEO, Leighton Carroll, said “Aside from the obvious performance advantages, there are three other benefits of Galtronics multibeam antennas to wireless carriers. Integrated 64T64R antennas require a lot of direct current (DC) power to be able to deliver performance due to many active front-end modules. Our multibeam antennas are more efficient and thereby a greener solution. Our patented multibeam antennas are also not just C-Band 5G. Galtronics’ multibeam antennas cover a broad array of spectrum across both 4G and 5G, including multiple frequency bands in a single antenna. This allows carriers to reduce deployment costs while managing their spectrum layers across technologies.”

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