Galtronics Expands into European Market with Growing Demand for its Patented Multibeam Antennas

Tempe, Arizona – July 25, 2023 – Galtronics, the company that combines technology innovation with customer driven collaboration to solve the world’s most complex wireless connectivity challenges, announced it has expanded into the European market with multiple deals with in-region wireless carriers and systems integrators for its patented multibeam antennas in advance of a jam-packed concert and event season.

Large events require technologies capable of handling high capacity and high data throughput in dense customer environments. Galtronics’ patented multibeam antennas are unique in their ability to handle large scale scenarios in a cost-effective manner for wireless carriers.

Galtronics’ multibeam technology overcomes the legacy beam squint issues which have been a persistent problem preventing widespread adoption of other multibeam antenna solutions. As wireless carriers and systems integrators across Europe prepared their networks in advance of highly anticipated summer events, they chose Galtronics multibeam antennas. The Galtronics multibeam portfolio offers comparable performance to lens type technology at a more economical price point. Additionally, Galtronics multibeam antennas provide beam stability across frequency bands to ensure a better end user experience.

Intended for stadium, venue, and special event applications, Galtronics’ multibeam antennas, with patent pending UL/DL frequency beam stabilizing technology, were installed:

  • Throughout Lisbon, in advance of the Pope’s upcoming visit to Portugal for World Youth Day, August 2 – 6, where 400,000 are expected to gather.
  • At Phoenix Park in Dublin, in advance of the Bord Bia Bloom festival, June 1-5, one of Ireland’s largest events with 120,000 attendees.
  • At Slane Castle, just north of Dublin, in advance of the Harry Styles concert on June 10 to support the additional wireless traffic generated from the 80,000 concert goers in attendance.
  • By an Italian wireless carrier to provide enhanced capacity, coverage, and throughput to the large crowds at various concerts in Rome and Milan.

Several customers have since ordered additional multibeam antennas from Galtronics after realizing their value and benefits during their initial deployments.

“Based on the performance of our multibeam antennas across the US and Canada, we’ve seen strong demand from European wireless carriers and systems integrators who are embracing our technology,” said Whit Martin, Galtronics Wireless Infrastructure VP. “Our innovative and cost-effective multibeam antennas are a unique technology, which has opened doors into the densely populated European market. We look forward to providing our patented technologies and market leading products to many new customers.”

About Galtronics

Galtronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baylin Technologies, designs and manufactures the most complex wireless antennas for the world’s leading service providers and wireless device OEMs. The company combines customer collaboration with technology innovation to fundamentally advance the mobility ecosystem with engineering-based solutions for its customers to deliver critical, quality connections. For more information, please visit

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