Above Ceiling Mount for PEAR M5542i and M4773

Galtronics’ above ceiling mount offers an easy installation solution to mount Galtronics’ PEAR™ M5542i and M4773 antennas above suspended ceilings. Mounting hardware is not included. Make sure the selected fasteners are appropriate based on the ceiling material to which the above ceiling mount is attached to.

Above Ceiling Mount

For PEAR S4935i , S5491i , M4969i Above Ceiling Installation

Swivel Mounting Bracket

For All PEAR™ Panel Antennas Wall and Pole Installation

Through Ceiling Mounting Kit

Applies to PEAR™ S4935i, M4969i, S5491i [Model No: 62-17-09]

Above Ceiling Mounting Kit

Applies to PEAR™ M4772, M4936 [Model No: 62-13-03]