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Job description

Duties and Responsibilities

This position requires a technical leader who responsible for initiating and leading design and product development to meet specifications and requirements. Major responsibilities include:

  • Lead team on Galtronics product development, and provide customer solutions with high performance
  • Make technical contributions informed by good knowledge of antenna design
  • Serve as team lead to customers on advanced technical problems and new product development
  • Work collaboratively with team to solve challenges in implementation of customer products
  • Utilize high level of technical expertise and skills with team
  • Develop competitive advantage in Galtronics
  • Lead team on antenna integration on customer platform and provide innovative solutions
  • Engage with customers and partners for customer design and support customer product integration
  • Work with PM and sales team to coordinate resources and deliverables
  • Work with engineering team in China to support its development.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD with minimum 3 years’ experience in Antenna Design and antenna product development
  • Expert on EM simulation tools such as CST or HFSS
  • Solid knowledge on EM theory
  • Experience with embedded antenna design and miniaturized antenna design
  • Hands-on integrated antenna design experience for Wireless gateway, CPE

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • Have good knowledge of EM propagation in multipath environments and channel models
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver on-time and work well as a team member in a team consisting of different design disciplines
  • Good engineering work practice, excellent team player
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Team management, project management, and program management skills

Job Type: Full-time


Employment Type: Full-time


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